Frequently Asked Questions

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Question #1

Can we visit the puppies?

Absolutely! We love meeting potential customers as you pick out the newest member of your family. This allows us to make sure our puppies are going to homes where they will be cared for and loved, and allows you to see which puppy you connect with. All visitations are by appointment only!

Question #2

Is there a waiting list?

Yes, we do have the waiting list option. Click here to fill is out.

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Do you have any other questions?

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Disclaimer: We are not discouraging anyone from giving a home to rescue and animal shelter pets. We think adopting is very important as well, but does not always line up with the wants and needs of the adopting family.

We also understand that unfortunately not every breeder lives up to the high standards listed below. It is important to ask a breeder questions about their qualifications before purchasing.


1. Accountability: Quality breeders have a very high level of accountability through USDA, Canine Care, ICAW, BOAH, and KMA to name a few. See our section on licenses and certifications to learn more about the inspections and standards we follow. This ensures the welfare of every dog and puppy on the premises.


2. Health: When purchasing from a quality breeder, you can know your puppy’s ancestry and the health history of the parents. The puppy will fit into the breed standard and should come with a health guarantee. Many breeders have their adults tested through OFAs and/or DNA profiles to screen for diseases. Parents are chosen based on their health, behavior, appearance, and ancestry. Breeders work very closely with their assisting veterinarians to keep everything up to par.


3. Socialization and Training: A quality breeder will have a puppy well-socialized to new people, children, other animals, and new environments by the time he or she goes home. You know that each and every puppy is given the care and attention they deserve during the crucial period of development birth to eight weeks. Purchasing from a breeder can bypass some of the behavioral problems associated with shelter animals. It also can ensure they are exposed to grooming, vet visits, other dogs, and more.


4. Living Environment: Quality breeders living up to standard have spacious area for each of their dogs that includes 24-hour indoor/outdoor access. In addition, at least 60 minutes per day where the dog or puppy can run freely outside. In general, they are exposed to a wider variety of surfaces, get more exercise, and have a wider range of enrichment activities than a shelter or non-reputable breeder. Reputable breeders have a rigorous standard of cleaning. Here at our place, our dogs are spoiled with heated flooring, vaulted ceilings, fans, beds, toys, treats, and a doggie door in their clean environments.


5. Appearance: While this category is of lesser importance, many people look for a dog that will live up to the breed standard in appearance. You know what you are getting when you purchase a purebred or specialty bred puppy from a breeder. The look of your favorite breed is something that can be very special.

Once the deposit is made on a puppy, some information that we need from our customers is full name, phone number, address, and email. This information is used for creating your receipt and sales contract stating our health guarantee. We wait to register your puppy until he/she goes home and we know the new name of your pup! We send weekly updates and pictures of your puppy so that you can watch them grow! We will send home a vaccination record to show your veterinarian, and a small bag of food and blanket to help your puppy’s transition. The remaining balance can be paid upon pick up or before pick up. For puppies traveling by ground or air shipping, final payments must be completed 3 days prior to travel so that there are no delays.

Deposits placed on puppies are generally non-refundable unless the puppy were to get sick or injured while in our care. Deposits on waiting lists for puppies that have not yet been born are also non-refundable unless there are no puppies of the sex that had been reserved.