Brenda will make the perfect addition to any home.

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Marlene is a loving mother to her pups. Also one of her many favorite activities is running in the back yard.

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Let me introduce myself my name is George I’m a very energetic dog when it comes to a open back yard they say I get the zoomies but I don’t know if their right.
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If you are looking for a buddy to share tons of good time with, then you have found the one right here. I specialize in good times. Where I am now is great, and I am being well taken care of, but I know that the real adventure starts once I’ve made my way to you. We can go on a jog in the mornings, roll around the house before lunch, and I can even teach you to bark at the mailperson when they come to interrupt our play time. It’ll be our rules, all the time! Hurry up and pick up that phone so we can get a roll-on things! Don’t wait, some other family might get hold of me, and I want to go home with you!