Starla would make the perfect addition to a loving home!

I Found My Family!

Puppy Mother

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Mother's Description

Rosie is a sweet dog with lots of love to give. She loves to spend time with her pups as well as playing outside

Puppy Father

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George is a wonderful father who loves spending time with his pups. He enjoys playing outside and going for walks

My name is Starla and my number one priority is to make you as happy as can be. How do I do that? In order to find out you have to adopt me and make me your forever friend. I specialize in hugs, puppy kisses and playtime. I don’t mind being the adorable furry answer to all of your problems, because when you are happy, I know that we will have tons of great times together. I will be checked by my vet and up to date on my puppy vaccinations, so when you bring me home, all you have to do is love me! I want to be the one for you. Will you let me shine bright for you?